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What is a ‘Flagged Site’ alert?

When a website is outright blocked by Lighthouse, a Child has the opportunity to submit a request to have the website unblocked. Should the Child not submit a request to have the website unblocked, the Parent will still be notified via a ‘flagged site alert’ that the Child has attempted to visit a blocked site.

flagged site

As the Parent, you will be notified via a push notification (if these are activated), as well as within the Notifications screen (tap the bell) of the Activity tab. You will also see which website was blocked, thereby making you more aware of the type of content that your Child is visiting, and affording you the opportunity to take what you deem to be appropriate action.

A Parent can switch on/off Flagged Site push notifications within the Settings tab of the Parent app, and within the Notifications screen.

flagged sitesflagged sites

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