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Extra Device Subscriptions

Each Lighthouse subscription entitles the Parent/Guardian to add multiple children, however, only the linking of five devices is permitted with each subscription. We call these Base Subscription Devices. When an attempt is made to add a sixth device, a parent will be prompted to purchase an Extra Device Subscription for £0.99 per device per month. Up to five Extra Device Subscriptions can be purchased over and above the five Base Subscription Devices, thereby capping the number of devices to ten devices in total per subscription.

An overview of a Parent/Guardian’s subscription/s can be seen within the Settings screen of the Parent app.

Extra devicesExtra devicesExtra devices

Within this view is an indication of the number of Base Subscription Devices currently in use, and the number of Base Subscription Devices still available for use. There is also an indication of the number of Extra Device Subscriptions purchased, and the number of Extra Device Subscriptions still available for purchase.

Important to note is that if childlock is activated on the Parent device, then the Parent device is counted as one of the devices.

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