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Uninstall steps for macOS devices

1. Make sure the Lighthouse app is closed

2. Navigate to "System Settings"

3. Navigate to the Network Preferences

3. Disconnect the Lighthouse Wireguard VPN

4. Remove the Lighthouse Wireguard VPN 

5. Open Finder via the Mac dock bar or by searching for it on Spotlight

6. Click the "Applications" option from the menu

7. Search for "Lighthouse Guardian"

8. Drag "Lighthouse Guardian" to your bin

9. Delete Lighthouse Guardian from the bin

10. Open “Keychain Access” by searching for it on Spotlight Search

11. Select the "Login" option from the left sidebar

12. Search for the following items in the login keychain searchbar and remove them by right clicking on them and pressing Delete

      - mitmproxy

      - Lighthouse Root CA

      - Lighthouse VPN

      - WireGuard Tunnel: Lighthouse Wireguard

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