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Install guide | Windows devices

  • On your Windows device, click here to begin the download of the desktop installer, or alternatively navigate to the downloads page on our website and click on the 'Download' button located under the Windows logo.

  • Once the installer has downloaded, click on the downloaded file.

  • Should a 'Windows protected your PC' alert message appear, click the 'More info' text and then click the 'Run anyway' button:

  • Should a 'User Account Control' alert message appear, click the 'Yes' button:

    Windows User Account Control
  • Next go to your Desktop on your Windows device and double click the 'Lighthouse Guardian shortcut', or alternatively make use of the Search functionality on your Windows device and search for "Lighthouse Guardian".

  • Should a 'User Account Control’ alert message appear (such as the one above), click the 'Yes’ button.

  • Once the Lighthouse Desktop Installer is open, it will then prompt you to enter your unique connection code that is provided to you in-app and via the email sent, when adding a desktop device to your child’s profile:


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