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What is the ‘activate Childlock on this device’ feature, and what does it do?

The ‘activate Childlock on this device’ feature is a feature that resides within the Parent app only.

Activate Child Lock

It is intended for situations where your child wishes to use your personal (Parental) device to browse the Internet, and the activation/deactivation of this feature essentially switches the Virtual Private Network (VPN) on and off. In simple terms, when you as a Parent/Guardian are using your personal device, this feature should be deactivated (thereby having content unfiltered), and when your child is wanting to use your personal device, this feature should be activated (thereby filtering content and protecting your child from inappropriate content).

When activated, you will need to select which child this feature is being activated for.

Activate Child Lock

The filter rules associated with the child’s profile in question will then be applied when filtering content. If you have not previously installed the Lighthouse certificate and downloaded the Virtual Private Network (VPN) profile (a one-time installation process), you will be prompted to go through these device set up steps when activating Childlock for the very first time.

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