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Install guide Child App - iOS

  1. This install guide will walk you through how to link and setup your child's device.

  2. To get started, either scan the QR code or enter the linking code shown in the parent app. For this walkthrough we will be tapping "Enter Linking Code" to continue.

  3. Next we need to enter the linking code shown in the parent app. Once the linking code has been entered we can tap "Next" to continue.

  4. We will now run through and complete a once-off device configuration process. Tap "Download Profile" and follow the onscreen prompts.

  5. Tap "Allow" and then select " iPhone".

  6. Now tap "Close" and lastly "Done" in the top corner.

  7. Next go to Settings, tap "Profile Downloaded" tap "Install" and enter your passcode if prompted.

  8. Tap "Install" once again when prompted. Tap "Done" and return to the Lighthouse application.

  9. Tap "I have completed the above steps" to proceed.

  10. Next open the "Settings" app and navigate to "General" then "About" and scroll down and tap "Certificate Trust Settings".

  11. Tap on the "Lighthouse Root CA" toggle and tap "Continue" when prompted. Once trusted, return to the "Lighthouse app".

  12. Tap "I have completed the above steps" and then "Next" to proceed.

  13. Lastly, we need to install a Lighthouse VPN profile. Tap "Install VPN Profile" and follow the onscreen prompts. Tap "Allow" when prompted. Once we have confirmation that the VPN has connected successfully we can tap "Finish".

  14. The child's device has now be configured and searching for inappropriate content on this device will result in the NSFW* images and websites being blocked. You will now also have access to the "Request" screen. This screen will show any website unblock requests made by your child. *Not Safe For Work.


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