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Am I able to decide what my child sees, and what they don’t see?

In the online world, having full control over what your child sees and doesn’t see is, in our view, practically impossible, and that is exactly why we built Lighthouse! Lighthouse helps you to proactively moderate and filter what you as a Parent are happy for your child to see, and what you don’t wish for them to see. Our core objective is to allow your children the freedom to explore online, but to provide them the safest possible environment in which to do so.

Lighthouse blocks known inappropriate websites (such as adult content websites) outright. Should your child wish to have a blocked website unblocked, they can request access to the blocked website by submitting an unblock request which is then received by you the Parent. You as the Parent then have the ability to either approve or deny your child’s request.

Should a website not be blocked outright, all image and video content within the website is filtered by Lighthouse and, depending on the preset filter levels of your child, revealed or blocked.

A great feature is flagged sites. Should your child be attempting to access an inappropriate website that is blocked by default by Lighthouse, and does not submit an unblock request, you as a Parent will receive a flagged site notification informing you of your child’s attempt to visit the inappropriate website. This creates awareness and affords you the opportunity to engage in conversation with your child should you believe it necessary.

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