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Adding and linking a Desktop Device

Once a Child is added, a Parent has the option of linking a device now or at a later point.

Should the ‘Link Device’ button be selected (to link now):

  • The Parent is asked whether the device to be linked is a Mobile Device or a Desktop Device. Select Desktop Device.

    add mobile device

  • Name the Desktop Device.

    add mobile device

  • A linking code is then provided to the Parent via an email as well as in-app.

    add desktop device

    Coupled with the linking code are instructions on how to go about linking the desktop device in question with that of the Parent app. Instructions are outlined in three clear steps.

  • Once the relevant desktop installer has been downloaded from the Lighthouse website, launched on the desktop and the linking code entered, Lighthouse checks for a successful connection (link) between the desktop device and the Parent app.

  • Should the link be successful, the Parent will see a screen with a green tick.

    add desktop device

  • Should the link be unsuccessful, the Parent will see a screen with an exclamation mark.

    add desktop device

    The Parent then has the option of either retrying to link the devices, or contacting Support for assistance.

  • On the successful linking of the Parent app and the Desktop Device, the Child’s profile on the Home page of the Parent app will indicate a green tick.

    add desktop device

    This means that the linking of and connection to the Desktop device is working as intended.

Should a Parent select ‘Skip’ (meaning to link the devices at a later point), the following steps will need to be taken:

add desktop device skip
  • The Parent will be directed back to the Home screen.

  • Within the Child profile in question, a Grey Question Mark is presented along with a a red plus sign indicating that no devices have been linked yet.

  • Selecting the profile will initiate the linking device sequence again and take the Parent to the screen where they are prompted to select either a Mobile Device or a Desktop Device.

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