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Adding a Child and Linking a Mobile Device

There are two places within the Parent app where a child/children can be added.

  • A Parent will be prompted via a call to action (CTA) to add their first child on first time landing on the Home Screen.

    add child location

    This happens after the successful creation of a Lighthouse account.

  • Family Screen: Tapping on the plus sign in the top right corner of the Family screen will initiate the adding of a child flow.

    add childadd child

A Parent can add multiple children. There is no limit to the number of children a User can add.

The Parent is then asked to provide a Nickname and set the rules (filter levels) for the child. Once these steps are completed, the Parent has the option of linking a device now or at a later point.

Should a Parent select ‘Link Device’ (meaning to link it now), the following steps will need to be taken:

  • Two options are shown, namely Mobile Device and Desktop Device. Select Mobile Device.

    add mobile device

  • Name the Mobile Device

    add mobile device

  • The Parent then needs to scan (the first) QR code displayed within the Parent app from their child’s device that they are trying to link in order to be redirected to the companion Child app within the App store.

    add mobile device

    On scanning of this QR code, Lighthouse will detect the operating system of the child’s device and redirect the Parent to the Child app within either the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). The Parent is then required to download the companion Child App onto the Child device in question and follow the linking prompts (alternatively, and using the Child device in question, the Parent also has the option of searching for the Child app directly within the relevant app store, and downloading onto the Child’s device).

  • Once the Child App is downloaded and launched on the Child app, the Parent is then prompted to scan (the second) QR code on the Parent device to link the two devices.

    add mobile device

    There is also an option for a User to enter the (Parent app) provided linking code within the Child App so as to link the two devices.

  • Next is to follow the prompts and complete the process on the Child’s device

    add mobile device

Should a Parent select ‘Skip’ (meaning to link the devices at a later point), the following steps will need to be taken:

add mobile device skip

  • The Parent will be directed back to the Home screen.

  • Within the Child profile in question, a Grey Question Mark is presented along with a red plus sign indicating that there is no device linked to the child’s profile.

  • Tapping on the “No device yet” icon on the Child’s profile will prompt the User to link a device.

Device Linking Pending

add mobile device link pending

  • The Parent application will present an Orange Question Mark status icon on the Child’s profile should the linked device have not yet been connected to the VPN.

  • Tapping on the Child Profile will indicate which device’s VPN status is still pending.

  • Tapping on the device in question will present a ‘Connection Pending’ alert informing the Parent that the device has yet to connect to the VPN. Tapping on ‘View Linking Code’ will initiate the device linking process.

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