The ONLY school protection solution that analyses and blocks inappropriate content in real-time.

Other solutions merely block known websites, and this is NOT enough.

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A New Approach to School Internet Protection.

Step 1

Internet and schooling are integrated.

Our kids are going to school in a time where computers and the internet permeate everything they do, from the classroom to homework.
Step 2

Boundless access comes with exposure to inappropriate content.

This can be positive and negative for their progression into adulthood. Access to boundless information comes with an unprecedented exposure to inappropriate content. These videos and images cannot be unseen.
Step 3

There are often gaps in existing solutions.

Expensive firewalls and web filtering often cannot stop a child from seeing what’s on the other end of a link, or, from seeing what Google search results brings up after an innocent search. Sadly, traditional school solutions just cannot fully protect our children.

Introducing Lighthouse School Protection.

A fully managed network protection service that uses AI to dynamically analyse and block inappropriate visual content.

Built with Data Privacy in mind.

Lighthouse was designed with a deep respect for your privacy. Lighthouse complies with rigid data protection protocols and all processing of your personal information is subject to our comprehensive Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

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