Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I set up my device?

The Lighthouse applications will walk you through the device setup process when activating Childlock on the parent device or while linking a child's device. If you would like a step by step guide to this process, one can be found HERE.

Why use Lighthouse?

The Internet is crammed with opportunities for learning, but in just a few clicks, kids can stray into more sinister domains. Lighthouse is a great way to give your child the freedom to discover, but at the same time steer clear of inappropriate content and unsafe online spaces.

My child uses my phone/ tablet, can I still use Lighthouse?

Yes, you can. When setting up your child’s profile, you are able to specify whether the child will be using your device, or a device of their own.

Can my child disable the app on their phone?

If the VPN is disabled, you will receive a notification via the parental app indicating that the child device is no longer protected.

Am I able to decide what my child sees, and what they don’t?

Yes, Lighthouse allows you to adjust the filter level from low to high, setting the filters according to what you think is inappropriate. We also notify you when your child is requesting permission to see a blocked website. You can view the blocked website first from the parent app, and make the call whether or not they should be permitted access. Even when you grant a permission request to see a blocked website, the content therein will still be filtered and either blocked or presented depending on the filter level that has been set for your child.

How much does it cost to use Lighthouse?

Lighthouse costs $9.49 per month when you opt for the monthly billing option. You can save up to 15% by choosing the annual billing option, paying only $95.99 per annum. This price allows you to add up to five devices to your account. Add additional devices at an extra cost of $0.99 per device per month (up to 10 additional devices can be added).

What devices does Lighthouse work on?

Lighthouse is available as an Android and iOS app, and so it can work on any device that supports iOS or Android. It is able to be linked to most internet-enabled smartphones or tablets. Lighthouse will soon be compatible with laptop and desktop computers too. We will let our Lighthouse Parents know when this functionality becomes available.

How many children can I add to my account?

There is no limit to the number of children that you can add to your account.

How many devices can I add to my account?

You can link up to five devices per subscription. If additional devices are needed, up to ten devices can be added to your subscription at $0.99 per month for each new device.

Can Lighthouse help me control the amount of screen time my child spends online?

Yes, to a certain degree we will be able to assist with this. In the parent app, you will be able to switch the internet off/on immediately or choose to specify between which hours your children can access the internet on their device. Some of the latest smartphones do offer screen time monitoring, read more here (for iOS) and here (for Android) to find out how to activate it on your device.

Is Lighthouse supported on Huawei devices?

No, following a US government order to place Huawei on its Entity List in 2019, Google has cancelled Huawei Mobile’s Android licence. All devices after the ban are not supported on Google Play store or any Android apps. Even where a device is pre-ban, it is not clear is if these devices received any feature updates. As a result, we do not currently support Huawei devices.

How do I stay updated on Lighthouse's service status?

Download Telegram and Join the official Lighthouse Support group to stay up to date on the latest services status and network alerts. Click HERE to join our Telegram group.